Hi friend!  I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Cassie Hammett and I’m going to try my hardest to put ALL the mess that is me in a nutshell for you here!

I am first and foremost a deep lover of Jesus, devoted to knowing Him and being like Him, although sometimes falling miserably short.

I am the wife to my tall-drink-of-fine Brent Hammett who is tall and thin and all tatted up and a drummer….do I need to go on?  Swoon.

I am a mama to Liv Nima, a zesty little thang from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.  She is the apple of my eye, keeps me on my toes and is the most beautiful, smart, compassionate (yet spicy) child you will come across.  <Read About It Here>

I am also proud mama to Esther Fei, a daughter from Guangzhou, China.  She is the most darling beautiful toddler you’ve ever laid eyes on.  She is coming to us with an unprepared bi-lateral cleft lip and palate and we are READY TO ROCK IT.   < Read About It Here >

Adoption has changed me from the inside out.  I am not the same.  If you wanna know more, let’s connect!

I am a hippie deep down…like the old smelly kind not the new and improved hipster kind.  I love to wear patchouli oil and leave a trail of it everywhere I go.  I still burn incense.  I love the outdoors, laying on a blanket in the grass, soaking up the sun at the lake….if it’s outside take me there.  I lose all of the things in my possession at all times (besides my child).  I never know where my keys are, my phone, my ID….and even twice in my life my actual car. (that’s a long story).  I am tragically bad at math.  Let me free you up:  I’m a mess.  I do not have it together…never really have.

I am the Founder of a few things…which is not a way for me to say I’m awesome…it’s simply the truth and the fact that God chose me to shoulder the few things He has still blows my mind on the daily.

I am the Founder of The Hub: urban ministries in Shreveport, LA. The Hub is an organization that is on a mission to give everyone in our city access to a restored life.  We do that by offering rescue, recovery, relationships and resources to those experiencing homelessness, poverty, addiction and women and children who are caught in the life of human trafficking.  It’s an unbelievable organization (if I do say so myself) and you should GIVE YOUR MONEY to it.  (Shameless plug)

I am also the Co-founder of YouWood, a fun little cause driven company that sells wood product and gives proceeds away to take care of the hungry, the orphan and the slave in our world!

What on earth?  How’d I get so lucky?

I am a speaker.  I love to talk.  Like seriously love to talk.  Speaking and teaching is close to my favorite thing to do on the planet.  I have the honor of teaching the word of God and pray to be able to do so all the days of my life.

And lastly, but not the least of these, I am a writer.  I have always had all the words for all the topics, and now I get to put them on paper.  I am not trained, I am not skilled, but I do have the words.  My prayer is simply as they translate to you, that God uses them to bring glory to His name….and that hopefully we laugh a little in the process.

I write about all things from social justice to parenting to marriage, all things covered in the truth of Jesus.

I simply want to free up the body of Jesus to be who they were made to be, to tilt their head back and let out a big belly laugh every once in a while, to look up and notice how good our God really is and to do my part to equip those I encounter to become armed and dangerous for the Kingdom of God.

I’m thankful that out of all the blogs in the world you landed here!  Hope you stick around!