When No One Else Would

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The hubby and I have a little side-hustle company called YouWood!

It is a darling business that sells all wood products and gives the proceeds away to organizations that are fighting the good fight in our world!

Wood that does good!

YouWood exists to pour financial resources into front-line folks who are feeding the hungry, freeing the slave and loving the orphan.

We absolutely love it.


Not because of the products, although that are very hip and trendy and cool and you should go buy some right now.  (not so subliminal)

And it’s not only because we get to give the proceeds to people, real live people, who are directly serving populations that are walking through suffering that is unimaginable….although this is INCREDIBLE and we are unbelievably honored to do it.

What we’re most thankful for is that YouWood is teaching a tribe of people that the fight for justice is not just one big event, one big social media campaign, one big push towards change; that the fight for broken people, to see them be made whole, is about a ton of tiny decisions, stacked up on top of each other, causing a domino effect of change.

The decisions that we make impact the freedom of others.

Something as simple as where you shop, how you spend your money, can actually change the world. (Like buying a watch and feeding 30 people…what in the world could be better??)

YouWood is declaring that the hungry, the slave and the orphan are our neighbors.  And we are called to treat them the way Jesus would…with care, attention and LOUD GENEROSITY.

YouWood is declaring that the world CAN change and that it is up to US to engage it’s broken parts and work to make them whole.

God can use WHATEVER you’re willing to give Him to change the life of someone else.

That is always the point.

We are not living for ourselves.  God does not radically transform us just for us.

He finds us, cleans us up, loves us scandalously, redeems our brokenness, restores our hearts and then tells us to go and do likewise, go and be like His Son.

We are handed a task immediately after we are restored.  And that task, to be like Jesus, will always point us to people, broken people.

So, what about you?  What choices will you make, on the small and grand levels, to love your neighbor?

When no one else would love the broken, feed the hungry, free the slave, love the orphan, care for the widow…. would you?

We believe YouWood!

As a gift to you, my wonderful readers, all new subscribers this month will receive 30% off of all YouWood products.

What a deal!

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